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Lectures & presentations

I love to share my experiences of living in Ireland and Israel with people.

My lectures and presentations

I offer two lecture/presentations on Ireland and Israel, as well as a lecture on American music.

An Irish Homecoming

An Irish Homecoming takes the audience to all 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland and the six counties of Northern Ireland. The presentation features eight songs from my Ireland Suite composition, written under my professional name, Kelly Michaels, with slideshows showcasing:
- Athlone
- Belfast
- Cork City
- County Cork
- The Doors of Dublin (Click to watch The Doors of Dublin now)
- Dublin
- Galway
- Killarney

Stranger in a Strange Land

Stranger in a Strange Land introduces the audience to the history, people, places, and customs of modern Israel. The presentation features six songs from my Israel Suite composition, my protest song, also written under my professional name, Kelly Michaels, as well as one 6-part choral arrangement, showcasing slideshows of:
- Be'er Sheva
- Eilat
- Haifa (Click to watch Haifa now)
- Jerusalem
- Tel Aviv
- On The Tayelet (Tel Aviv's Seaside Promenade)
- When Willl They Ever Learn (my protest song)
- Hatikva (The Hope - Israel's National Anthem)

America's Music

America's Music focuses on the four recognized American musical styles (the Negro Spiritual, the Cowboy Ballad, Barbershop Harmony, and Jazz). Although each has elements of European and/or African musical styles, these four styles are considered uniquely American by music historians. Through this talk I take the audience on a musical tour of more than 150 years of American musical history.

Audience Comments

"I went to Mr. Kelly's lecture on American music. It was fascinating! I learned so much about the country as well as the music. It was first rate!"
– Uri, Tel Aviv, Israel

"Mr. Kelly's presentation about Israel, Stranger in a Strange Land, is wonderful! The pictures are thrilling and the music in the slideshows makes you feel as if you could step right into the picture. I can't wait to see it again."
– Mary, Hinckley, OH

"I've known Mr. Kelly for many years and have attended many lectures and presentations he has made. He is erudite, intelligent, and often very funny in his talks. His lecture on American music was enlightening and interesting. I'd recommend it to anyone."
– Sharon, Ra'anana, Israel

"Stranger in a Strange Land is a wonderful visual excursion through Israel with stunning photos and commentary that debunks myths and leaves you with a much better understanding of this multi-cultural country with such a rich history and vibrant population."
– James, Medina, OH

"I learned so much from Mr. Kelly's lecture on American music! Kelly is a marvelous storyteller and he makes the history come alive as he weaves the story of America's music."
– Niva, Be'er Sheva, Israel

We have seen both Stranger in a Strange Land and An Irish Homecoming. Both presentations were entertaining and extremely informative. The pictures were beautiful, Mr. Kelly's music is delightful, and his narrative was extremely insightful. In short, both evenings were wonderful."
– Barry and Lauren, Medina, OH