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Friedrich Nietzsche said...

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"It is evident that all my singers who have chosen to work privately on their voices with Patrick have become more aware..."
Jeanne Rabin, Choir Conductor

Sing better...longer...stronger

It's hard to pick the favorite part of my musical life, but helping singers become even better has to be high on the list. It is so much fun to watch the development of my students each week and when one of them must miss a lesson, I really feel as if my week is less satisfying. Read on, please, to learn more about this very special part of my life. For more information on music teachers in your area, please visit the Music Teachers Directory online.

Almost everyone can sing

Do you like to sing? Maybe you're already a singer or maybe you're one of those people who sings in the shower or sings along with the car radio as you drive along. No matter what your current singing level or ability, if you like to sing and if you want to improve your vocal abilities, I can help.

Even if you've been told you "can't" or "shouldn't" sing, don't believe it! I've only met a handful of "tone deaf" people in my life. Most people classified as "tone deaf" are really what I call "tone ignorant;" they just don't know how to reproduce what they hear. I offer a comprehensive approach to understanding the connection between the ears, the brain, and the voice. I won't guarantee to make you a star, but I can help you "discover the singer within you" and give you the satisfaction of enjoying your singing experiences.

A bit of my singing background

I started studying voice in Akron in my early teens, both privately and at university. I began teaching voice nearly 30 years ago, while working with the singers in choirs I conducted and coached. Most recently, I worked as a professional choir coach through SingIsrael and offered private voice lessons at my home studio in Ra'anana. Now I am now back teaching in Ohio, and have online students in New York, Florida, San Francisco, Israel, Abu Dhabi, and Australia via Skype. Please contact me to set up a time for your evaluation lesson.

In-person or online lessons

As noted above, when I was living in Israel I had a number of students from abroad who studied with me when they were also visiting, working, and living in Israel. I am honored that many of them have continued working with me, even though we are, in some cases, oceans apart. To facilitate this, I offer voice lessons over the internet using Skype video calling. So, no matter where you live, you can now study with me! Please contact me for more information.

Comments by parents & student

Here are some comments – from the parent of a high school student and from several adult students – that I have worked with in the past few years:

"Patrick was my daughter's voice coach for almost 4 years. She could always keep a tune but needed to learn breathing, support and control. Not only did Pat accomplish this, he also installed confidence and guided her with humor and understanding, and has given her a wonderful platform to continue on her musical journey. Thanks to Patrick, she now reaches 3 octaves with strength and ease and her transition is incredible. If you are looking for a great voice coach/teacher, you need look no further!"
Linda F.

“I wish to thank you for the superb way you have been teaching me voice production over the last few months. I have had many teachers who have helped me over many years but without doubt you stand in a class of your own in terms of the professionalism, endless energy and enthusiasm in which you help your many students. Each lesson with you is a memorable experience and I sense and feel the improvement and development of my singing techniques under your instruction.”
Philip F.

"Since starting lessons with Patrick nearly nine months ago, I have noticed a substantial improvement in my singing ability. Pat is encouraging, good-natured and sensitive, knowing how to give criticism without destroying your self-confidence. This is all in addition to the fact that he is an excellent role model, being in possession of a wonderful voice himself that came to him only after years of training. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to sing better. You can't get any more professional than Patrick."
Maxine T.

"I am finding my voice lessons very helpful, as well as enjoyable. Patrick has the knack for finding an image or association that helps me understand how I am producing my voice, and also to show me how to improve it."
Ronit R.

"Thank you, Patrick. I marvel at your ability to take my voice and make it something of beauty that I can appreciate."
Steve K.

"I'd always loved to sing, but when I was in school the teachers would make faces and tell me to "Be quiet!" As a result, I was always afraid to sing. I really thought I had a bad voice. Patrick helped me find that I do have a voice and showed me that I really could sing! Thank you, Patrick!"
Orit T.

"I've always been a singer and have taken lessons throughout my life. I heard about this American guy who had a different way of teaching so I thought I'd see what he might do for me. Wow, what a difference! It's so much easier for me to sing today, thanks to the exercises and techniques that Patrick taught me. I highly recommend him!"
Ari S.

What one choir conductor says

"To take private voice lessons or not to take private voice lessons? That is the question each singer needs to ask!

"There can be no argument that voice lessons are an essential part of any singer's training! And from the viewpoint of a choir conductor, I have always believed that any improvement in an individual singer's vocal abilities not only enriches his or her own experience, but also enriches the choir's performance as a group. The whole is, after all, the sum of its parts - and then some!

"It is evident that all my singers who have chosen to work privately on their voices with Patrick have become more aware of their own personal vocal processes: their voice quality, breathing, pitch and expression - to mention just a few of the many elements covered in Patrick's lessons. Even more important is that their enjoyment of singing grows with their growing knowledge and improved skills! The result: more accomplished, skillful, happier singers making a more accomplished, skillful, happier choir! Which makes a happier conductor, for sure!" – Jeanne Rabin, Conductor – Jeanne Rabin's Ensemble, Jean's, Rosh Tov

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