C'mon! Sing-Along!


Zubin Mehta said...

If you can sing together, you can live together.

The more you sing...

...the healthier - and happier - you are! Studies have linked singing with a lower heart rate, decreased blood pressure, and reduced stress, according to Patricia Preston-Roberts, a board-certified music therapist in New York City.

Let's Sing!

There really is nothing more fun than singing...unless it is singing with other people! Some of us are too shy to sing at a karaoke night, but group singing is a totally different situation. At a sing-along, you are one voice among many. You will sing familiar songs with other people and experience the joys and benefits of singing without the stress or worry of singing alone.

My sing-along evenings are loads of fun. In a typical evening, we will sing 18 to 20 songs, with a break half way through. I also tell interesting stories about each of the songs and/or singers that we are showcasing. Here, for example, is how I might introduce the British singer Tom Jones:
"Our next artist is one of the most well-known and popular solo artists to come out of the Sixties – one who is still performing today. He has sung nearly every form of popular music – pop, rock, R&B, show tunes, country, dance, soul and gospel – and has sold over 100 million records. He has had thirty-six Top 40 hits in the United Kingdom and nineteen in the United States, was awarded an OBE in 1999, and received his knighthood in 2006. Who is it?"

So, I make the evening interesting (and even a little educational), as well as just having fun singing songs.

Some Sing-Along Programs Ideas

The possibility for sing-along programs is almost endless. Here are just a few program ideas that I've presented in the last couple of years:

- Best of British (great British pop songs of the '60s and '70s)
- The British Invasion (songs by 20 of Britain's top artists of the early '60s)
- Best of The Beatles (as if you needed to hear more!)
- Best of Broadway (great songs from great musical shows)
- The Crooners (Sinatra, Crosby, Martin, etc.)
- Ella and Louis (great songs by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong)
- Great Patriotic Songs (a history of American patriotic music)

As an example, here is the song list from the Best of Broadway program:

- Give My Regards To Broadway
- If I Loved You Try To Remember
- Sunrise Sunset
- Ain't Misbehavin'
- Hello Dolly
- Climb Every Mountain
- I Dreamed A Dream
- Till There Was You
- Oh, What A Beautiful Morning
- Summertime
- To Life (La Chaim)
- Anything Goes
- The Sound Of Music
- Oklahoma
- Almost Like Being In Love
- Some Enchanted Evening
- Get Me To The Church On Time
- My Favorite Things
- On The Street Where You Live
- Over The Rainbow
- I've Got Rhythm

What People Say...

Here are a few comments from sing-along participants and organizers:

"Where I live, people love community singing. I organized several sing-along evenings with Patrick and there was always a good turnout. He arranged the evenings with different themes - Beatles music, Songs from the Seventies, etc. and played recordings with the words projected for us to sing along with. With his charming personality and great singing style, these evenings were always good fun."
Sharon B.

“I attended several sing-along events coordinated by Patrick. All who attended were enthused by these programs and they were enjoyed by all.”
Stuart M.

"I'm very shy so could never sing by myself. But the sing-along evenings that Patrick runs give me an opportunity to sing and have fun. Each of the programs I have attended have been interesting, informative, and fun. Thanks, Patrick!"
Meirav Z.

"Our organization has many chapters around the country and many of them have had sing-along evenings led by Patrick. Each chapter thoroughly enjoyed the program and several of them have had Patrick back again and again. I highly recommend him."
Philipa D.

Let's Do It!

I can also put together a custom sing-along program, so please contact me and let's set up a sing-along night for your next party or event. Akron Ohio