The fun of Karaoke


Maria Sharapova said...

Whenever I have friends over, we end up eating and talking and losing track of time, and, once in a while, singing karaoke.

You can be a star!

Karaoke is great fun at a party, a special event, or just for an evening of fun with your family.

Yes! Karaoke for your next party!

It's great fun to sing, as we all know, and it's great fun to sing your favorite songs at a karaoke party. As you can see below, I use professional karaoke software to show and highlight the lyrics to every song.


You can sing a solo, in a duet, or with a whole group of people; whatever makes you most comfortable. I've been collecting karaoke songs for years and have thousands and thousands of songs, from the 1920s to the early 2000s, for you to choose from.

Song Lists

Click on a thumbnail below to open searchable PDF files showing song titles and artists:

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What People Say...

Here are a few comments from karaoke participants:

"What a great time! Thank you for encouraging me to get up and sing. I sing in the car all the time but have never sung in front of people before. Everyone was so encouraging and with the words showing it was really easy! Thankyou!!"
Jenny P.

“I've never had a surprise karaoke birthday party before, but it was really fun! You kept things very upbeat and really helped those who weren't sure about singing. And you have so many songs in your collection! Wow! Thanks for the most memorable birthday party I've ever had.”
John H.

"I love music and sing at home but not in front of people. I came to the karaoke party because my wife wanted to sing. When you got all the men up to sing 'Blueberry Hill' together, I wasn't going to come up. But Phyl insisted, so I did. What fun! I still can't believe I sang 'Love Me Tender' by myself afterward! Thanks for a fun night."
Harry G.

"Still fying high this morning. Brilliant night! Thanks for making our company dinner so much fun."
Caryn T.

Let's sing!

Contact me and let's set up a karaoke night for your next party or event. You'll love it! Akron Ohio